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Glazier Clinics: CHICAGO


Go beyond the X’s and O’s to learn the CEO aspects of coaching. Being a Head Coach involves more than managing your coaches and players. Our Head Coach Academy will help you learn how to manage your program in its’ entirety. Hand-selected speakers will cover topics including team culture, leadership, people, money, planning, and more.


  • Jet Zone Series: Inside Zone Off Jet Sweep Sweep Action, New Innovations in the Jet Sweep, Play Action Pass Off Jet Sweep
  • Multiple Ways to Run The Power "0" Using Motions & Formations to control Fronts & Safeties- Two Back Power, QB Power
  • Power "Read" Using Multiple Formations & Jet Motions
  • Implementing Shallow Crossing & Scat Routes Into Any Offense to Control Blitz & Pressures
  • Rocket Toss & Complimentary Runs with Rocket Motion
  • Designed QB Runs for Any Offensive System using multiple Formations & Jet Motion: QB Power, QB Sally, Zone Option, QB Draw protected with Quick Screens
Earlier Event: March 2
Glazier Clinics: D.C